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Our Story

We are team LAFAFA…… No we are not that LAFAFA you often hear about on media. We are responsible only for those LAFAFA which our respected clients order us online, by phone or E-mails.

Our respected clients can be anyone, A Journalist, A politician, An Anchor, A police officer and the Awam of Pakistan. Our services are for those who have Internet in shape of Computer, Smart phone, Tablets and for those too who have no internet. You can call, E-mails, Facebook, Instagram or visit our office to claim your LAFAFA.

Our products are best and we offer the best price with best after sale service in shape of limited and extended warranty. We will not leave our respected clients alone ever, even a dictator can’t force us to leave. We will fight with all odds for our respected clients and for their precious LAFAFAs.

IN SHAH ALLAH we will be the trust of Nation in shape of Quality products, Best possible delivery time and prices off course. We will be at your side in case of any damage, warranty claim and return of faulty products. Please visit read our terms & conditions for more details.


We are not responsible for any similarities in our “ABOUT US” section because that will be co-incidence.

No animals were harmed……………..only chicken

“ABOUT US” and “lafafa.pk” is no smoking area.

We have no courage to touch the untouchables so please do not take “Dictator” part seriously.


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